This search allows you to view Campaign Finance Documents for any Committee registered with our office.  The IMAGE view is a scanned PDF file that shows the document as it was submitted to the SBOE.   The DATA view is either a report electronically filed by the committee and imported by the SBOE or a report that has been manually entered into a data format by an SBOE staff member.  Report data that is imported does not appear on our website in real-time.  Our website updates overnight each weeknight.  All data imported during a business day will appear on our website the following day.

Enter any part of either the committee name the inhouse name, last name of the candidate, or the committee acronym.
(Remember to select the appropriate name type for the search.)

When searching, use the following substitutions:

  • NC instead of North Carolina
  • DEC instead of Democratic Party
  • REC instead of Republican Party
  • LEC instead of Libertarian Party
  • DM or RM instead of Democratic Men or Republican Men
  • DW or RW instead of Democratic Women or Republican Women.

The scanned images are saved as a PDF file and can be viewed using the free Adobe Reader found here: Click here to get the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader.