Campaign Finance Transaction Inquiry (Simple Search/Advanced Search)

This page allows for searching through the NC SBoE Campaign Finance database of transactions that committees have received (Receipts) or spent (Expenditures).  Use the checkboxes to select either all types or specific types (Receipt, Expenditure, Committee, Party or Office)  based on what is being searched for.  In the Transaction Detail section, the fields can be used to filter down by city, state, zip code, date range, name, purpose, amount range or employment information.  After all the filters are selected, click Search see the results.  Reset can be used to clear all of the filters.

Note: For any single-line name field, wildcards can be used (*, ?) in place of either single (?) or multiple (*) characters (i.e. M*y, Ma*, or *y could return Mary, while M?y, Ma? or ?ay could return May).

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 Transaction Inquiry Filters

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  Transaction Detail
Counties (use commas to separate) Cities (use commas to separate)
Zip Codes (use commas to separate)
Date From (mm/dd/yyyy) Date To (mm/dd/yyyy)
Payment Method
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Job Title/Profession
Employer's Name/Specific Field


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